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Treasure Trails

We hope that you will love completing, as much as we love creating Treasure Trails.

Treasure Trails started in 2005 in Cornwall when a Treasure Trail was written around the founders home town for a charity event -  this proved such a success that he decided to write more Trails around Cornwall and sell them at craft shows for a bit of fun. Unbeknown to him, someone who had completed one of his Trails entered him into the Cornwall Tourism Business Awards; the result of which was a Silver prize. Not only did this drive him to want to win Gold the following year, but to assess whether Treasure Trails could be written all over the country for millions of people to enjoy!

Today, we have over 1,200 Treasure Trails across the UK. These are written and maintained by a network of 20 Treasure Trails Authorised Trail Writing Partners – who have all undergone intense training in how to write a good Treasure Trail - and how to sprinkle some Treasure Trails fairy dust on our clues! 

Our vision is to get the whole of the UK loving Treasure Trails as much as we do. The traditional values of spending time together outdoors with friends and family, learning and appreciating areas where we live or visit within the UK just makes us so proud, not only that but we love getting people off their bottoms away from the TV!

We love hearing and meeting with our Trailers. We estimate to have entertained over one million people on a Treasure Trail since 2005, and we would love to build on this number whilst installing a strong Treasure Trails customer community.

We are only a small company in essence, but with big ideas. In addition to our 20 Trail Writing Partners (who are often doing this part-time) the office is ran by two members of staff; Aaron & Sam. Together they run the company website and help to market the business (and occasionally are let out the office to enjoy some of the Trails!)

We would love to hear from you and your experiences of Treasure Trails, please have a look at our Facebook page to see our thriving Treasure Trails community where we give away free games and puzzles to keep your Trail solving skills sharp!