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  • Bridlington
  • 16-05-2017 12:51:44

Jason Manford has announced a new tour for 2018 and Bridlington Spa is one of the stops on his 'Muddle Class' tour.  'Muddle Class' promises to feature a wealth of new material about Jason growing up 'working class' then finding, over the years, that part of him has become 'middle class' - causing much confusion! Delivered with Jason's amiable charm and captivating wit, this is a show not to be missed.

Jason Manford has not toured since 2013 and 2014 with 'First World Problem'. 'First World Problems' sold out more than 200 venues. Jason had been questioned on when he would be touring again. Jason said: "Somebody said to me on my Facebook fan page, 'it's been ages since you've toured'. I thought 'no way, it was last year wasn't it? Anyway, long story short, they were right, it was years ago! I just got fooled cos I've been on tour doing musicals and the last tour is repeated on Dave ja Vu 13 times a day! So I've been putting some stuff together, looking at my life and how it's changed over the years, how the world has changed and how my parents haven't changed a bit! It's going to be a great tour and I can't wait to see you there."

'Muddle Class' will be coming to Bridlington spa on February the 9th 2018. The show does have an age guidance of 13+ and under 16's must be accompanied by an adult due to the show containing some adult language. Tickets are on sale now, to buy follow this link: https://www.bridspa.com/events/?purchase=96001. Make sure to not miss out as these tickets will not hang around for long. 


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