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Welcome to What2Do Where2Go Scarborough.

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Latest News

  • Scarborough
  • Matthew Oxtoby
  • 21-05-2021 10:25:07

Culture Club - Live at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre - 14th August 2021

  • Scarborough
  • Matthew Oxtoby
  • 21-05-2021 10:18:23

Kaiser Cheifs - Live at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre - 11th July 2021   https://scarboroughopenairtheatre.com/

  • Scarborough
  • Matthew Oxtoby
  • 21-05-2021 09:38:44

Stereophonics - Live at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre - 28th July 2021   https://scarboroughopenairtheatre.com/

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A Bit About Scarborough

Scarborough is the largest holiday and tourist resort on the Yorkshire Coast. With breathtaking scenery and stunning beaches it is easy to see why millions of people have travelled to the jewel of the Yorkshire Coast for 100's of years.

As Britain's "first" seaside resort and the discovery of health giving spa waters it gave rise to the world's first purpose built hotels for the booming tourist trade.

The glorious north & south bay beaches have a unique touch and charm that reflects the holidays of old - Scarborough has not stood still though! Alongside the modern attractions stand restaurants, bars, cafes and bistros bringing the crowds year after year.

In spring 2016 the arrival of a brand new water-park and spa that will rival anything Britain currently has to offer, will open with much anticipation and is another step in keeping Scarborough where is should rightfully stand - as one of Britain's best loved seaside resorts.