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  • Scarborough
  • Charlie Boden
  • 09-08-2016 14:43:03

Over a week since opening, hows it all going? 

The first week for Alpamare had a few little teething problems which gave many people a false impression of this fantastic new attraction in Scarborough. Now Alpamare is only looking up and the reviews are getting better and better. 

During the first few days there were some minor issues with the brand new state or the art equipment, which was expected with such a huge project. The Alpamare staff were amazing when there were the problems as they all stood together to try and help out as much as they can even though the problems were out of there control. 

Now the problems that there were have all been sorted and after a week of opening the numbers seem to be rising with over 10,000 visitors in the first week. This will be good for the Alpamare team as it is showing how these false impressions are not right and does not give an insight into the true potential that this amazing water park has to offer