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  • Scarborough
  • 11-07-2017 09:43:20

Our third show of the season, Di and Viv and Rose, is now in rehearsals. The read-through on Monday was exceptional (hilarious and emotionally exhausting all at once) considering the cast had only just met and we can't wait to see the show take shape.

The play is a funny, moving and surprising story of three friends whose relationship spans 30 dramatic years. 

Writer Amelia Bullmore (best known for her portrayal of Steph Barnes in Coronation Street and more recently appearances in in Happy Valley and Scott & Bailey) says of the play: 

"Thirty-odd years in two hours. When the thing you want to say is so obvious – Friendship is a Good Idea – you’d better say it entertainingly. The good news is, entertainment sits naturally in every friendship worth its salt."


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