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  • 10-04-2018 to 14-04-2018
  • 10:30
  • stephen joseph theatre, Scarborough
  • Film & Theatre


A larger than life adventure for a teeny tiny girl.

On her quest to find a friend, Thumbelina meets some right rotten rascals who try to stop her in her tracks, from Tobias the terrible Toad to Mr Flutterbee Butterflee the boastful butterfly and Miss Mumps the meany mouse. 

Luckily along the way she also meets some friendly faces who try to help her on her journey.

This modern take on the Hans Christian Andersen classic will have all the usual Tiny Time Tales fun and nonsense and plenty of joining in. 

Recent shows from the same team – The Tales of Tipsy Willow Tree, George’s Marvellous Medicine and Adventures of Aluki and Nanuk– have been extremely popular. Advance booking is highly recommended.


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