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Build A Rocket

  • 31-08-2018 to 08-09-2018
  • 19:00
  • stephen joseph theatre, Scarborough
  • Film & Theatre


“Dear Dickhead,

I am writing in regard to your not so recent conduct,

Over the last two months unbeknownst to you,

And me,

I have been gestating your spawn…”


Yasmin is young and feisty and lives on the edge. A young mum, her Scarborough isn’t sandcastles, arcades and donkey rides. She’s been dealt a rough hand and has to decide whether to give in or get smart. 

But can the thing which threatens to ruin her life be the one thing which saves her? Can she still be the architect of her own destiny? 

An explosive and passionate portrait of a young heroine of our times.


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