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Keep It Cash

  • 01-09-2018
  • 19:30
  • Whitby Pavillion, Whitby, UK
  • Music & Dance


This band is recognised as the no.1 sound-alike to Johnny Cash and has been booked by 20th Century Fox, Sony and the BBC.   

This theatre show is the result of years of constant listening and dedication, through an unrivalled knowledge of Cash music coupled with top class musicianship, 

Keep it CASH are able to offer the most fitting celebration of the life and work of the legendary Johnny Cash.

Currently the show takes the listener through from the humble gospel beginnings of the Tennessee two, right to the emotional and final American Recordings.  

Keep It Cash fully capture the energy and spirit of the music in a professionally arranged multi-instrumental stage show.  

A must for every Johnny Cash fan old and new.

All Tickets: £15


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